Outlook Privacy Plugin

PGP encryption plugin for Outlook 2010-2016

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Outlook Privacy Plugin is a security extension for Outlook. It enables Outlook to send and receive email messages that are encrypted and/or signed with the OpenPGP standard. It uses your existing GnuPG/GPG keyrings.


  1. Download and install gpg4win.
    1. Create and import keys as needed.
    2. Verify you can see all expected keys from the gpg4win software.
  2. Download installer from top right of this page.
  3. Close Outlook and run installer.
  4. [OPTIONAL] If your Gnupg installation is in a custom location, or Outlook Privacy Plugin cannot find your keys, set the GNUPGHOME environmental variable and restart Outlook.


  • Supports the following versions of Outlook
    • Microsoft Outlook 2010
    • Microsoft Outlook 2013
    • Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Support for both 32bit & 64bit versions of Office
  • Encrypt and decrypt email using OpenPGP standard
  • Supports encrypted attachments
  • Supports multiple recipients
  • Decrypts PGP/MIME
  • Decrypts OpenPGP blocks in HTML email
  • Decrypts HTML emails
  • Multiple email accounts (based on sender/receiver email)
  • Attach public key to emails

Not Supported

  • Sending PGP/MIME emails
  • Sending HTML email
  • Decrypting in preview pane